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Hollywood 14 Day Slimming Diet (10lbs- 20lbs)

Let your weight melt away with this amazing new diet program. Use the same 2-week slimming plan Hollywood stars use before their big public appearances. Losing 10-20 lbs is easy and it will only take a couple of weeks with the new Hollywood 14 day slimming diet. Not only will this diet provide rapid weight loss, in only weeks, it also improves skin quality, reduces wrinkles, improves emotional stability, suppresses appetite and improves muscle tone.

You cannot go wrong with the Hollywood diet because it is so easy to follow. Everything you need to eat and do is set down in an easy to follow activity guide. The Hollywood diet provides every client with a 14-day food and vitamin kit so continue as long or as short as you would like. You control how much you lose. The Hollywood diet is designed to work without exercise but if a client wants to increase the speed of their results exercise options are also provided. Exercise can be custom designed for a home or fitness club environment.

Jennifer Christoff
Director of Hollywood Diet Clinic/Personal Trainer
936 SLIM

Never worry about gaining the weight back ever again as The Hollywood Diet includes a finishing consultation, food charts and recipes. This information insures each client knows the secrets to long-term weight stability. Be a star, be a Hollywood Star. You can be our next success story in only weeks.

This diet is affordable and provides amazing rapid weight loss results. Call Physical Limits today at 613 932 4766